Corporate Ethics

Focused on creating a sustainability culture and is the fundamental basis of our corporate spirit.

Corporate Ethics

The guidelines that direct the conduct of the members of our company are based on ethical principles. Due to the importance of establishing guidelines which lead the corporate and individual behavior of the stakeholders of Genomma Lab Internacional, we strengthened the Code of Conduct and Ethics, thus establishing a framework of principles that will help to drive the good judgment and personal integrity of those who start an employment or business relationship with us.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics represents a self-regulatory framework for developing and maintaining relationships of trust, honesty and respect with all individuals with whom we engage in a professional and/or business relationship, both inside and outside the company. We convey the Code to all our employees, suppliers, partners and affiliates at the beginning of each labor relationship, through the Responsible Communication GLI, website, which functions as a platform to consult the Sustainability Reports of 2011 to the present, as well as communicate the Code of Conduct and Ethics, the Anti-Corruption Policy, Environment Policy and articles related to topics of Social Responsibility and Sustainability of the Company. The matters covered by the Code of Conduct and Ethics are:

    • Legal Affairs
    • Work environment
    • Use of Resources
    • Environment and Social Responsibility
    • Business Practices
    • Anti-corruption
    • Special payments
    • Gifts and entertainment activities
    • Confidentiality
    • Intellectual property
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Privileged Information

Ethics in Our Supply Chain

Responsibility of our vendor of professional, technical and scientific services for the efficacy analysis of our cosmetics, and our hair and anti-acne products.

The provider that performs the efficacy studies for us, is a world-class company of professional technical and scientific services, committed to providing highly specialized laboratory services for the cosmetics’ industry and trade. Its methodologies, procedures, equipment and high-level staff are subject to local and international standards.

In addition to having a quality system in compliance with the NMX-EC-17025- IMNC-2006 (ISO / IEC 17025) standard, that outlines the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, this supplier is approved by the Ministry of Health as an Authorized Third Party Testing Laboratory; thus, it is recognized as a reliable supplier by major companies in the commercial, industrial and service sector.

Our supplier has a code of ethics which goal is to provide moral guarantees of solvency and establish the rules of professional conduct of the company and its members, aimed to comply with the society, serving it with loyalty, diligence and respect.

Our supplier has also issued a Declaration of Independence of Technical Judgment to provide guarantees of judgment and establish professional performance standards of the company, respecting their customers’ information and dec ision-making.

Our supplier performs its operations based on privacy and quality policies characterized by the following commitments.

Studies made by our supplier are conducted with informed consent by the volunteers who participate in them. As part of the requirements specified by the Ethics Committee, our supplier will clearly inform to the volunteer, the purpose of his/her participation and what it is expected of it. At all times our supplier guarantees independence and technical judgment to the volunteers MEG:2003

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is the body responsible for coordinating and ensuring compliance with the guidelines set forth in the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Genomma Lab Internacional. Its vision states that the Committee is the body that regulates and promotes a healthy working environment in which the basic rights of all individuals associated with the Company are respected in the workplace through compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics. The mission of the Committee is to promote, regulate and oversee the proper compliance of the Code and the internal policies by all individuals associated with the company to promote the development of each one of them.

Our Ethics Committee is formed by Holders (7), Vocals (7), Secretary and Ombudsperson.


The Vision of the Ethics Committee :

Is to be the body that regulates and promotes a sound work environment, with respect for the fundamental rights or everyone related to the company through the implementation of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

The Mission of the Ethics Committee :

Is to promote, regulate, and monitor the correct implementation of the Code of Conduct and Internal Policies by all persons related to the company in order to promote personal development while achieving the company’s mission.

The primary goals of the Ethics Committee are:

    • Ensure the correct application of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.
    • Clarify any questions or concerns related to the implementation of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.
    • Receive, address and resolve the complaints of cases and situations that are not in line with the required Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.
    • Report quarterly to Senior Management on the activities of the Ethics Committee and its results.

The Protocol of the Ethics Committee

In order to accomplish our planned goals to the Ethics Committee, we have developed a Protocol for attention to breaches of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct of Genomma Lab, through which our primary engagement is to ensure that we the people working at Genomma Lab are enabled to develop a dignified life project, granting to our employees/stakeholders, all along our value chain, the creation of greater employment and income opportunities and perspectives, for which our protocol establishes guidelines and directions to promote an adequate organizational culture for such development.

We have an Ombudsperson on the Committee to address complaints related to the human rights referred in our Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, ensuring formal and impartial confidentiality of Complaints. All complaints received in regard to breach of the guidelines, are strictly confidential.

We believe that our protocol is strengthened by the following procedures/actions:


Working Together with the External Ombudsperson Figure

The importance of a person’s dignified work involves each and every area of one’s personal and home life. For this reason, within a context of Dignified Work and Human Rights, Genomma Lab has maintained a series of jobs and efforts focused on accomplishing an organizational culture that is sensitive to the needs of every person, under competence and quality standards.

We intend to make sure our entire staff works in optimal conditions for personal and organizational development, which is why we implement campaigns promoting the prevention violence, raising awareness about human rights, as well as training on the subject matter, inclusion, work-life balance, as well as prevention of sexual harassment.

The Ombudsperson figure is another example of actions performed by Genomma Lab for corporate social responsibility, dignified work, and social development based on a human development perspective.

Learn about our Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

Document establishing the regulatory framework that allows us to develop and maintain relationships of honesty, trust and respect between us and against all those people with whom we have a professional or business relationship.

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Learn about our Anti-corruption Policy

Document setting out guidelines to prevent and / or avoid the practice of corruption and influence peddling by employees and / or third parties related to Genomma.

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Learn about our Diversity Policy

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Learn about our Ombudsperson’s Resume

She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo. She completed her M.A. in Total Quality and Competitiveness at the Center for Research and Development of the State of Michoacán. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Innovation and Strategic Direction at the Institute for Innovation and Technological Development. She is certified in Employment Competency Standards on design and face-to-face courses offered. She completed the International Diploma for Training of Trainers. She is an advisor on productive projects focused on gender and support management to the productive capacity of entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

She has advised State and Local Governments on Public Policies based on Gender Perspective, including the drafting of municipal diagnostics on the condition and position of gender, plans, and equality programs. She has provided numerous consulting services for the implementation of Gender Equity Management Systems in various organizations. Also, she serves as National Gender Equity Model Auditor. She has participated as a speaker and organizer of various conferences to promote equality, inclusion, and gender equality. She currently supports the implementation of systems of Labor Equality in public, private and social organizations.

Gender Equity

We aspire to continue with the equity commitments for which we have been recognized, so we continue participating in initiatives committed to equity such as the Gender Equity Model (MEG, for its acronym in Spanish). The MEG is a management system with a gender perspective, which provides tools to usinesses, public institutions and social organizations to make a commitment to equality between women and men. The objective of the Model of Gender Equity is to “develop, encourage and promote gender equity in the organizations. Thus, it seeks to institutionalize the gender equity policies and to promote equal opportunity between men and women in access to employment, working conditions, as well as professional development, training and participation in decisionmaking processes.”⁷

Our actions in the field of gender equity were rewarded when in July 2015 Genomma Lab Internacional received again the MEG certification, which we obtained after an external audit conducted by the Directorate of the Model of Gender Equity of the National Institute of Women (INMUJERES), in which we were assigned a score of 92% to compliance with the evaluated aspects.

This percentage is an indicator that we continue working to promote equitable employment opportunities, at the same time we promote a healthy and respectful environment, demonstrating our commitment through policies and procedures that generate actions of value for our employees and the company.

In Genomma Lab Internacional we have received this certification for seven consecutive years, assuming the commitment to incorporate a gender perspective in our activities, which establishes equity in the working conditions of men and women. We seek to provide the necessary tools to ensure equity, which is manifested through policies, practices and mechanisms that are constantly updated and are applicable in the process of recruitment, selection, training and development of human capital.

Equity in our supply chain

Social impact of our manufacturer of creams, shampoos and powders.

To Genomma Lab Internacional it is very important that our suppliers walk with us either side by side or go a step forward in promoting gender equity. Such is the case of our manufacturer of our brands Ma Evans, Jockey Club, Tío Nacho, Silka Medic and Asepxia, who demonstrates a high commitment to equity in its workforce, with a total of 51% women. For this key link in our supply chain, it is crucial to provide their workers better working conditions than those dictated by the law; providing medical care, one hour for breastfeeding during the first six months after childbirth, either when they start or finish their workday, childcare agreements with IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security, for its acronym in Spanish) and permissions of justified paid absence to attend school meetings or when their children suffer some disease.

Diversity and Inclusion

In Genomma Lab Internacional we avoid discrimination in all its forms, so we have implemented mechanisms to ensure equal rights, equity and plurality of opportunities to our employees, by adhering to the provisions of our Code of Conduct and Ethics. In the year 2015 we strengthened our internal communication strategies to sensitize our employees in the areas of prevention of workplace violence, discrimination and harassment in all its forms and manifestations; using digital media to disseminate messages promoting social equity.

The promotion of gender equity in Genomma Lab Internacional is one of the fundamental pillars to establish ourselves as a world-class company. We recognize that equal leadership opportunities for both women and men translates clearly in benefits to the company performance. We are also aware that there must be robust mechanisms to end all forms of discrimination and / or workplace violence. For this reason, in addition to our Code of Conduct and Ethics which endorses our commitment in the area of gender equity, we count with a protocol of attention to complaints about any breach of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, as well as a series of Internal Policies on Gender Equity.

For the sixth consecutive year, the distinction as Inclusive Company in December 2014, which is valid until 2017. This recognition is a distinctive granted to companies committed to good labor practices toward groups in situations of vulnerability. We maintain the commitment to provide our employees with a healthy working environment, safe and respectful with the objective of promoting good relations, gender equity, diversity, professional development and the quality of life. The distinction Inclusive Company “Gilberto Rincón Gallardo” is awarded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, it qualifies us as a promoter of actions and policies on labor inclusion for people in a situation of vulnerability, i.e. the set of conditions that guarantee these people equality of conditions and treatment in access, remuneration, working conditions, promotion and retention in employment.

Genomma Lab Inclusion Campaign

unidos-damos-masAs a company that prevents discrimination in all its forms, Genomma Lab has implemented mechanisms to ensure equality of rights, equity of treatment, and plurality of opportunities for employees no matter their gender, ethnic origin, age, whether due to pregnancy, disability, opinion, religion, sexual preference, appearance, or any other condition, according to that which is embodied in our Code of Conduct and our Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. For this reason, we launched the internal campaign called “Inclusion Campaign” this year, with the goal of continuing to endorse our commitment to inclusion and promoting labor Inclusion and Gender Equity policies among our employees.

Strengthening our value chain

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