Genomma Lab


Volunteer Work

Our Genomma Lab Volunteer Work contemplates activities aligned to our Sustainability Model, one of its objectives being to promote social welfare and access to health, participating in the development of the communities near our operation centers.

Through activities that consider community development, environmental conservation and health campaigns; our collaborators and their families put their time and skills at the service of others, living the purpose of the Company.

Global volunteering day GEN Contigo 2022

In 2022, during our global volunteering day GEN Contigo 2022, more than 350 collaborators from 10 different nationalities joined and shared their time, effort and talent to carry out more than 300 activities with 39 institutions in which they benefited more of 31,000 people in a vulnerable situation.

We know that the development of communities and the involvement of our people is essential to continue fulfilling our purpose.

Thank you volunteers and volunteers for leaving your heart in everything you do!

GEN With You Volunteering 2021

Through our GEN With You Volunteering, our team and their families donated their time and talent for the benefit of +30 civil society institutions in 10 countries with +400 actions related to education, health care and institutional strengthening.
These actions contribute to the Our Contribution to Society pillar of our 2025 Sustainability Strategy.

GEN Contigo Volunteering- Rehabilitation of the "Carlos Chávez" Kindergarten

We participated in the rehabilitation of the "Carlos Chávez" Kindergarten for the return to classes of boys and girls from the neighboring community of our Industrial Complex in Toluca, State of Mexico.
Volunteers, teachers, mothers and fathers participated in this work for the benefit of more than 200 students.
As part of the rehabilitation, Genomma Lab donated the installation of surveillance cameras and lighting, the replacement of blackboards and signs for safety and hygiene.

GEN With You Volunteering 2020

During the COVID-19 contingency period, through our GEN With You Volunteering, our team and their families remotely provided support to civil society institutions and their beneficiaries, through activities to promote health and education.

GEN With You Volunteering in Argentina

As part of the GEN With You Volunteering, the Genomma Lab Argentina team undertook the task of preparing food at home to share with foundations in support of adults, children in vulnerable situations, during the contingency period.

GEN With You Volunteering in Chile

Through the monetary donation of collaborators and Genomma Lab Chile within the framework of the GEN With You Volunteering, a donation of 1,500 units of Alcohol Gel XL3 was made for the benefit of the elderly of the Las Rosas Foundation in alliance with the Here We Are All Program of Channel 13.

Day with Purpose 2019

In 2019 we launched our first Day with Purpose, a global initiative in which the Genomma team in 18 countries joined to bring health and well-being to the communities near our operation centers, doing volunteer work in partnership with NGOs, health centers and schools.

Reforestation with Patronage Pro Zona Mazahua

More than 50 members of our team and their families along with the Pro Mexico Indígena Foundation and members of the mazahua community from the ejido of Chichilpa in the municipality of San Felipe del Progreso, State of Mexico, carried out the reforestation of one hectare with 1,100 pine trees of the Ayacahuite type. These actions fulfill important functions to improve the quality of life of many families in the area.