Genomma Lab Internacional, S.A.B. de C.V. (hereinafter “Genomma”), domiciled in Durango No. 332 Int. 102, Colonia Roma, Zip Code 06700, in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, in strict compliance with the provisions of the Federal law for Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals, and their Regulation (hereinafter the “Law”), notify to you that any personal and/or proprietary data (hereinafter “Personal data”) that you will give us, will be used exclusively for activities relating to the business relationship that has been established with you, which are: (i) monitoring and evaluation of the provision of goods and/or services that are supplied to us, and to contacting to the providers of such services; (ii) quotation of goods or services whose provision we request; (iii) care of doubts and suggestions; (iv) payment and collection of payments and invoicing; (v) analysis and elaboration of statistics and reports; (vi) elaboration of agreements arising from the business relationship; (vii) examination to determine if it will be possible to establish a business relationship; (viii) marketing of Genomma’s products; and (ix) to comply with obligations acquired with our clients.

By providing personal data to Genomma, you confirm that you are agreeing with the terms of our current privacy notice, and you consents that Genomma perform the treatment of the data. If you disagree with any term of this privacy notice, please do not provide any personal data.

The personal data you provide to Genomma, will be processed in a lawful manner, and observing the principles of consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility in compliance with the law at all times.

The personal data you provide us are protected in databases with restricted access, in accordance with the laws.

In case that Genomma has patrimonial information, such as the bank account number in which must be paid the compensation generated by your services, several technologies will be used for safety and procedures that will allow us to protect your asset information from non-authorized accesses, uses and disclosures, and such information will be used for the sole purpose to comply with obligations and rights generated as a result of the current commercial relationship.

Genomma, in no event will market, sell, lease or rent your Personal Data to any third party without your prior consent. However, due to the commercial activities, Genomma may contract to one or more third parties as selected service providers to carry out that commercial activities, so Genomma could even transfer your personal data to such third parties without any commercial purpose, but only to comply with the provision of the services contracted; these third parties will be bound in these same terms, so they can not use information provided by Genomma differently to that established in this privacy notice. Likewise, Genomma may, without commercial purpose, share or transmit your personal data to its affiliates or subsidiary companies for the same purposes set forth in this privacy notice.

Respect of the personal data that Genomma holds, you have the right to (i) access them and the details of the treatment thereof, (ii) rectify them in case of being inaccurate or incomplete, (iii) delete them when you consider that are not needed for any of the purposes outlined in this privacy notice, they are being used for purposes not consented, or has concluded the contractual relationship or service, and, (iv) opposing to the treatment of them for specific purposes, by sending a request to the email (hereinafter the ” ARCO Rights “).

Any request to limit or revoke the use or disclosure of your personal data and in general to exert your ARCO Rights, shall contain (i) the name and email address to let know you the response to your request, (ii) documents certifying the identity or, if the case, the legal representation, (iii) clear and precise description of personal data for which you seek to exercise any of the rights and, (iv) any other element that make easy the location of Personal Data.

We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this privacy notice at any time; these changes will be announced and available by this same mean.

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