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Participation in Initiatives & Awards

Participation in Initiatives & Awards

Launch of the GLI Responsible Communication Website

We firmly believe that Social Responsibility and Sustainability are part of the Genomma Lab DNA, so in 2014 we launched our Responsible Communication GLI web page where we document information related to the approach and management of our social responsibility and sustainability issues, as well as a blog where we publish Genomma Lab information related to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Genomma Lab International received the 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Award

We renew our public commitment to sustainability in environmental, social and economic matters, by receiving for the ninth consecutive year the Acknowledgment of Socially Responsible Company. This after an annual review of our management and social, ethical, environmental and labor practices and corporate governance.

The distinction is awarded by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI, for its acronym in Spanish) and AliaRSE in recognition of our voluntary and public commitment to socially responsible management in the areas of: quality of life in the company, community liaison, corporate ethics, and environmental protection and preservation.

Our commitment to the personal wellness of our workforce is reinforced through our Life Balance policy, where we establish guidelines for our employees to find a balance between their work life and their family and personal lives, enabling them to work in a healthy, productive environment.

We are convinced that our commitment is to generate a climate of trust, credibility and respect, thus provoking participation and efficiency in our corporate practices.

Renovation of our Adherence to the UN Global Compact and support for the Call to Action: Anticorruption initiative.

For the ninth consecutive year, we signed our adhesion to the Global Compact, reaffirming our commitment to the issues of Human Rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption. In the same way, we committed ourselves to support the objectives of Sustainable Development as defined by the United Nations in September 2015.

In order to strengthen the transparency, once again we support the Global compact with the initiative “Call to action: Anti-corruption”, by which we strengthened the commitment to prevent and avoid acts of corruption and influence peddling by employees and/or third parties related to Genomma Lab Internacional.




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