Our Sustainability/Environmental Strategy

Strengthening our best practices of sustainability

Environmental responsibility

Our corporate strategy are the reinforcement of value and sustainability of our brands, which involves commitments in the economic, social and environmental areas where relevant measures are taken for the preservation of our environment and the protection of biodiversity.

In that sense, some of the actions that we performed this 2015 involved a reduction in the use of resources, greater energy efficiency, introduction of sustainable materials and new forms of environmental management and security. In addition, we seek that each one of the actions undertaken in Mexico can be replicated on a global scale. 

We also analyze the risks associated with our operations in terms of environmental protection and safety. We know that these risks are not only located in the Distribution Center (CEDIS) of Genomma Lab Internacional or in the corporate offices, but are spread throughout our supply chain, including in large part our suppliers.

Aware of the foregoing, we established measures to mitigate environmental risks associated with the development of the operations of our manufacturers and other service providers, which consist of the review of environmental issues through our audits and in our approach to those who have expressed and demonstrated their environmental commitment through innovative initiatives in sustainability.

The products that we sell generate an impact to the environment in each of the stages of their life cycle, from obtaining the raw materials to their final disposal. For this reason, we work together with our suppliers in the production and distribution stages to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and to help mitigate and prevent damages to the environment. We communicate with great satisfaction that our main suppliers have joined this initiative through the implementation of their own models of environmental management.

It is worth to add that none of our operating facilities at national and international level adjoins or lies within a natural protected area with high biodiversity value. In the same way, we have no knowledge that any of our suppliers operates within these areas. The raw material of our processes must be endorsed and authorized by the Federal Commission for the Protection from Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS), therefore we perform evaluations where we included internal criteria of quality, safety, health and environmental preservation.

To prevent the marketing of products whose components may affect the environment, we designed and implemented robust internal procedures that identify threats or, if necessary, prevent them. As a result, this year we did not get any environmental claim through our formal communication channels, neither were we imposed any fine for breaching environmental regulations of the countries in which we operate. This is a sign that we continue working in our commitment to ensure environment sustainability in the long term.

Our Environmental Policy

Our purpose is offering products that enhance people’s quality of life while we propitiate conditions of social benefit and environmental protection. The way in which we will achieve it, is meeting the highest applicable local and international standards of environmental performance, in particular those relating to the management and mitigation of environmental impacts.

We are designing a program of environmental management that includes six phases:

    • Planning
    • Implementation
    • Measurement
    • Control
    • Reporting
    • Verification

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