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Responsible Quality of Life

Family-Responsible Company

empresa-familiarmente-responsableIn the month of January of 2015 we received for the fifth consecutive year the Acknowledgment of Family-Responsible Company, which is granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS, for its acronym in Spanish) to the public or private companies that focus their efforts on implementing good labor practices for the benefit of its employees in issues such as reconciliation of work and family, equal opportunities and combating domestic violence. “A family-responsible company is one that proves to be a promoter of good labor practices in the areas of gender equity, the prevention and combating of workplace violence and sexual harassment, as well as actions and policies to help workers meet their family responsibilities.

Alliance with the Communication Council’s “Book Pass it On” Campaign

rola-tu-libroFrom the perspective of cultural enrichment, it is a priority for Genomma Lab Internacional that our talent evolves in different cultural aspects that will enable them to enrich their personal development from different perspectives of life. To this end, in conjunction with the Communication Council, we implemented the program “Rola tu libro” [Pass your book around] since 2013 to date, which is aimed to foster the habit of reading among our employees and their families, to achieve this goal we provide a library for lending books to collaborators. Since the beginning of our program to date more than 200 employees have taken part, who have read a total of 32.544 hours, which is equivalent to 1,356 laps of our planet.

Cultural Programs in the Distribution Center

In the Distribution Center (CEDIS, for its acronym in Spanish) we promote cultural programs that strengthen our traditions and narrow ties between employees of Genomma Lab Internacional. Such is the case of the internal football tournament, the contest of oblations and Christmas celebrations to which the families of our employees are invited.

We also celebrated different contests, in which our workforce can demonstrate their creative talents and be recognized for them. In 2015, we conducted a piñata contest in which we had a high participation and involvement demonstrated through various proposals of our employees and their families.

Strengthening our value chain

Sustainability Reports

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