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Occupational Health and Safety

For Genomma Lab Internacional health and safety of our employees is a priority, because their physical integrity is essential to perform the tasks aimed at achieving our goals and to develop a high quality of life. Under this, we are committed to providing and maintaining a safe, risk-free and healthy working environment by offering programs that encourage a culture of self-care, and at the same time, motivate our employees to give their best, with an attitude of innovation, teamwork and development of their capabilities.

We know that the health of our employees has a definite impact on their work performance and consequently our performance as a company. In light of the foregoing, we organized in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, the vaccination campaign against influenza, as conducted annually.

We are aware that each of our employees has a particular condition in their state of health, so we address every aspect in this area with comprehensive measures of prevention and correction. Internationally, we promote a safe working environment by creating committees to design, implement, oversee and guide safety programs at work to identify and address the issues, risks of diseases or conditions that harm the well-bein g of our staff.

In the particular case of Colombia, there is a Joint Committee on Safety and Health at Work (COPASST), the Coexistence Committee, and Emergency Brigade. Similarly, in Ecuador there is Joint Committee on Health and Safety, complying with the local occupational health and safety regulations.

Social impact of our manufacturer of Tío Nacho, Cicatricure and Suerox

As a result of our commitment to the mitigation and prevention of the risk of occupational accidents, we have created specific policies and guidelines on safety, hygiene and occupational health. In addition, we have implemented in our evaluations to suppliers considerations to contemplate in their operations in order to ensure a healthy and safe workplace environment for their employees, eliminating and minimizing risks to personnel, infrastructure and environmental damage.

Our caps’ manufacturer for the brands Tío Nacho, Cicatricure and Suerox has implemented advanced health and safety programs within their facilities. At least twice a year, the health week takes place, with lectures and workshops on hygiene practices in the workplace, measures for the prevention of influenza, medical analyses (blood, vision and nutrition), dental care, and birth control, among others. Also, every year the safety week takes place, with workshops and conferences to strengthen knowledge about personal safety, safety at work, civil protection and drills, where security is contemplated from both an internal and external approach, providing information ranging from the use of fire extinguishers to measures of protection against robberies and assaults.

At global level, an awards’ system takes place each year, among the different categories the following stand out business development, health and safety and profitability and innovation.

This year, Mexico’s plant won the Environmental Health and Safety award for its advanced management of health and safety practices among the 26 plants that make up the organization around the world. In addition to counting with certified quality processes under the ISO 9001: 2008, our supplier is also certified under the PASS 220 standard focused on controlling food safety hazards in food manufacturing processes, based on specific food safety requirements for the participating organizations in the chain.

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