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We redouble efforts in social welfare programs, both internally and externally.

Supporting our Communities

Our values and corporate objectives are the basis of our vision regarding the sustainability of the organization, which serve as guidelines for the actions we undertake to contribute to the communities of Mexico and the countries where we operate. Therefore, we consider at all times the importance of strengthening our capabilities through the generation of strategies, exchanges of benefits and the launch of social projects that promote social good, through partnerships that allow us to achieve shared growth.

We have different courses of action in order to contribute to the communities that are directly or indirectly impacted by our operations. Among them, we support through donations and volunteer activities the associations and initiatives that have as their ultimate aim to provide a social benefit to the communities where we operate.

We also consider in our strategy of social responsibility that those groups that are part of our supply chain, are a strategic point for the growing impact we have on communities where our suppliers operate.

Health and Wellness Projects

 In line with our mission, we are interested to continue taking part in projects that aim to preserve and improve the health and wellness of people. Thus the importance of implementing projects with a great impact on society.

Asepxia Campaign

In Genomma Lab Internacional, we consider bullying as a kind of harassment that prevents the wellness of the person who suffers it, so we continued with the digital media campaign launched in 2014 in platforms such as: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and our Website. Following young people closely who could benefit from the information provided, as well as videos and spots made by young people themselves. All in order to raise awareness among students and people in general about the negative implications of harassment.

Currently, we are conducting campaigns with the videoblogger Luisito Communicates, giving a fresh and friendly speech to young people, to show the importance of face care. Communication is done in an organic way with the phrase #NoHagasElOso [Don’t embarrass yourself!]

We participated in the 16th edition of the Ibero- American Award to the Message of Social Benefit, which seeks to promote corporate social responsibility and citizens’ participation in the area of communication, in order to disseminate the best social benefit messages. Genomma Lab Internacional competed with the Antibullying campaign of Asepxia.

Silka Medic Campaign – Government of the City of Mexico

silkaWe believe that cross-sector partnerships are necessary to achieve high impact results. The strategic partnership established with the Government of Mexico City through the Ministry of Health, is aimed at the prevention, treatment and medication of athlete’s foot in the capital of the country. To achieve this, efforts were more efficiently focused through the program: Detect, Medicate and Eliminate. The treatment is given out free through the Silka Medic medication, which is available in health centers and timely detection units located in the city’s subway network.

We successfully completed the donation of 144,000 doses of Silka Medic which active ingredient has proven to be effective in eliminating the fungus causing this disease. By preventing athlete’s foot, the government estimated considerable savings in health service costs.

Strengthening our value chain

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