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We redouble efforts in social welfare programs, both internally and externally.

Genomma Lab International Volunteer Work

We collected new toys and gave them to children with limited resources, which were delivered through the I.A.P. Child Family Foundation. Together with our volunteers Genomma Lab Internacional, we celebrated for third consecutive year the Three Kings Day through this initiative. Beneficiaries: 350 children.

Sponsorship of the Kardias Race

Raise funds to support the treatment of children with congenital heart problems and improve the medical care they receive. Donation: $ 3,000,000 M.N. Beneficiaries: More than 8,900 children.

Supporting communities

In 2015, we contributed to various social initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of certain marginalized groups through in-kind donations to different civil society organizations, such as Mexico Telethon Foundation, General Hospital of Mexico, Caritas Monterrey, National Institute of Perinatology and the Mexican Red Cross totaling more than 800,000 items with a cost of almost $16,000,000.00. Genomma Lab also made a donation to the General Hospital of Mexico to support them in the construction of its play center.

Strengthening our value chain

Sustainability Reports

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